Are you ready for an exciting new experience? Scripture is exposed in a fresh way as Jim presents biblical characters, events and  lifestyles through music and  drama.

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He walked with Jesus, saw His power, felt His love, even knew He was the Christ. He was rough and outspoken. He promised much; but one dark day, he denied he ever knew the man he called "Lord". What would happen now to the one Jesus named PETER? As Jim portrays Peter, experience the renewing grace of our Lord.

John In Ephesus

John returns to Ephesus after being exiled on Patmos, to complete the ministry God has called him to. As he ponders the events of his life and the visions received, a new standard for the church is set. John's passion is to get the message out that a victorious Christ is returning for a holy and spotless people.

Amos, A Christmas Story

The reporter, Amos, is recording the facts surrounding the great census in a little town called Bethlehem. Here Amos encounters a touching story of a baby in a stable. Hear the report as Amos chronicles the events of the birth of Jesus and follows him to the cross.


The scent of pressed olives hangs in the air. The Son of God clutches the ground in agony. The peaceful garden has become a
place of torture and then surrender. As the hosts of heaven stand ready, a single angel steps from the realm of the Spirit world and ministers to Jesus. This angel follows Jesus from the garden to the cross, then to victorious life. Hear his story.


He was the one who had to investigate each miracle. He saw Him die. How could these stories that Jesus is alive again be true? If only he could touch His hands and His side. Thomas is a man with a growing faith and is soon to be confronted with a living Savior.

The Thief

Journey back to Golgotha, to the place of death that brought life to all who would receive it. Experience the events surrounding the crucifixion. Feel the forgiveness of one who found it is never the wrong time to come to Christ.


Witness the birth of the Savior from the lofty view of the heavenly host. Enter into an exciting realm of celebration and music as the hosts of heaven proclaim to God's lost people "all is well".


The Storyteller

This is not your average Christmas story!  The Jewish storyteller weaves powerful narrative with beautiful music and gives a fresh look at the Christmas season.



Follow the pharisee as, by cover of darkness, he pursues Jesus and His intriguing message of rebirth only to boldly stand by his crucified savior in the light of day as he is confronted by the fulfillment of prophecy of the events of the cross.  Is it too late for Nicodemus?


*New* Malchus

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