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Several years ago, Reverend Jim Hughes, began to feel a

deepening of God's call upon his life. The desire was to

present the message of Christ's love and how we, as a church, respond to that love through a life of surrender. This came into focus with the development of dramatic sermons, musical dramas 

and seminars.


The lifestyle of being crucified with Christ had always been modeled  for Reverend Hughes. He grew up as a pastor's son and had the heritage  of generations of deeply committed men and women as an everyday example.

 The decision to move into full time service spanned many years of prayer  and seeking God's heart.

 The focus of the ministry is to use whatever gifts God has given us to 

 seek and save the lost and to bring Christians a fresh vision of how, 

 through Christ, we can be the holy church He desires. Reverend Jim Hughes 

 is a licensed minister who presents the word of God about one hundred 

 and eighty times a year to more than twenty different denominations 

 nationwide. Rev. Hughes has been in full time ministry since 1989.

 Jim is an associate member of the Francis Asbury Society


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